April 1, 2005


I don't have to worry about the conference paper anymore..

cuz it doesn't work..
and I decided to give up ^^'

well.. after struggling with it for almost a semester..
now I realize that my method doesn't work for this type of problem..

so I was talking to my advisor today..
explain to him why I think it wouldn't work..
and he totally agreed with me..
He said he's sorry to waste my time.. he should have known better than me..

but I think it's alright..

well.. at least I learned something along the way..
it's not that I wasted all these months for nothing.. :)

neeway.. so we decided to give up on this problem..

I'll have to find other applications that my method would be useful for..
and I still have other deadlines coming up..
cutting this one deadline off the list is such a big relief!..
but now I'll have to work alot harder if I still wanna get out of here by next spring.. ^^'

Do you think I'm gonna make it?

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