April 28, 2005

CW or CCW??

น้องกวางเอามาปั่นหัวเราเมื่อกี๊ @_@



แต่ที่แปลกคือครั้งแรกสุดที่เรามองมัน แล้วก็ทุกครั้งแรกที่เรามองหลังจากพักตา..
เราจะเห็นมันเป็น CCW ทุกทีเลยอ่ะ..

แต่ก็มีบางคนที่มองยังไงก็เห็นเป็น CW..

มีใครมีทฤษฎีอะไรอธิบายเปล่า?? :P

สงสัยก็รู้ว่าสงสัยหนอ.... ^^'


Anonymous said...

Actually, It's base on your reference point. If you base on top side, it will be CCW. And it will be CW if you look it from bottom. Anyway, the reason why you are confuse is her legs which are raise up. You see?

So I think this is another example of the ways to see.

PS: Good Block. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's just pop-up in my head.
I think if you can see CCW, it means you alway think of like " if you were the person , you will...."( thier view)
If you see CW,it's mean you always look others from your point of View.
Sorry for my poor english.

Crazy Dancer! said...

It doesn't matter whether you look from top or bottom. I think what Aom means by CW is that the angular momentum is pointint down, and CCW is pointing up.

If you don't tell me it can be both ways, I wouldn't know! And sure enough, I saw CW first.

Note that whichever way you think she's turning, she is turning backward.

My explanation on this illusion is whether you think she's left-handed or right-handed. The left foot of right-handed dancer or figure skater will be on the ground while the right leg is doing the balancing. The opposite is true to left-handed persons. Try it out yourself.

Right-handed --> left foot on ground --> CW
Left-handed --> right foot on ground --> CCW

~*aom*~ said...

thanks for sharing thoughts na ka :)

I saw it the way crazy dancer! described a ka :)